January 4, 2013

Days 323-329

Day 323
 I broke my old favourite mug and found this to replace it.

Day 324
 The littlest grandgirlie has a birthday next week.  
A special request was put in for a new hat.

Day 325
 A wee bit of my pretty pitchers collection.

Day 326
 The sun setting on the last day of 2012.

Day 327
From my foggy day photo shoot . . . Happy New Year.

 Day 328
The much anticipated package from Ontario . . . such a lovely angel stamp and delightful treasures inside the envelope.

Day 329
Got out of work a little early, before the sun went down.  Blue sky and sunshine allowed for a gorgeous view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains.


  1. love the seagull on the post... and everything else about all the photos :)
    Happy New Year dear friend!

    1. I know, Susan, isn't he just so cute? He was a sweet surprise to me as I had not seen him when I took the shot. Happy New Year to you, as well.

  2. Thanks for including one of my favourite Andrea photos: Foggy Day Shoot in Green

    1. I had to, Ken, it was my fave of the day. Hugs, bro.

  3. Happy New Year Andrea. I love the new cup!

    1. Thanks, Letitia . . . it really is a beauty isn't it. Happy New Year to you and your dear ones.

  4. very beautiful pics! love the landscapes :)


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