January 11, 2013

Days 330-336

Day 330
 Night lights in the rain on a Friday after work.

Day 331
After putting all the Christmas stuff away I found this snow-fella perched on the ledge atop the stove.  He gets to stay a while longer.

Day 332
 Missing the real thing, but these metal art sunflowers still bring a smile.

 Day 333
Today was one of the hardest days I have had in a long while . . . a full blown panic attack at work that sent me home early and left me exhausted.  I never took a photo this day so chose one from my New Year's Day visit to the park and played a bit with editing.

Day 334
 Time for a change.  This week I posted the following quote to my FB status . . . "Life does not get better by chance.  It gets better by change."  (Jim Rohn)

Day 335
 My poor little gerbera daisy plant is not flourishing in my office at work.  I have brought it back home and it's happier already.

Day 336
Grinding the last of the Christmas blend beans . . . the last of the 1st bag.  
I still have another.  Woohoo!


  1. wonderful photos and a sharing of your heart, as usual! I will pray that these winter frosts will leave soon and you will blossom with new and vibrant strength into each day the Lord grants us. Love you Andrea Dawn... chin up... Jesus is your partner in love. His 'is' the victory

  2. Thank you for posting this set Andrea.
    The first photo looked like New Years Eve fireworks - how appropriate for this time of year. And to find out that it's the result of Vancouver rain and traffic lights!
    Your foggy day photo with John Eldredge's quote made me pause, think and re-read the words while soaking in your photo. Awesome.
    The clock (which I love) and the quote - "Life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change" - is the final touch for me this week.
    Do you call this a "hat trick"?


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