January 18, 2013

Days 337-343

Day 337
Lots of snow on the surrounding mountains right now and a clear day lets me see just how much.

Day 338
This little guy was enjoying some daddy time at the park.

Day 339
 Treasured photos on the wall . . . on the left is a picture of my great-grandparents Wyatt and Laura McGhee.

 Day 340

 Another light dusting on the white stuff today.

Day 341
 What's on top of your refrigerator?

Day 342
 I would so love to capture a shot of one of these beauties in real life.

Day 343
The sun going down on my last day of work at Pistol & Burnes Coffee Roasters.


  1. it looks like a fine ending to the day... you record such beauty... I treasure moments coming by here my friend! Would love to see a Wyatt closeup... Bethany loved the info you gave us on him. Your mountain range makes my heart patter... It was the view I enjoyed each and everyday for my first nine years of life!

  2. I like the treatments you used on the father/son photo and the umbrella photo - leaves me feeling nostalgic. Beautiful sunset Andrea - and gives such finality to your statement "Last Day..." Congratulations. When 1 door closes another opens...I wonder what God has in store for you next. Exciting!

  3. I love the snow pictures; your snow looks like mine, but your pictures really capture its loveliness. Thanks for sharing the picture of your final sunset at the coffee roasters. The door is now closed. Amen.


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