January 15, 2016

Days 8-14

Day 8
 The last blossom from my Mother's Day orchid dried so nicely and has kept its colour very well. So lovely.

Day 9
 Christmas leftovers, sweet mini canes.

Day 10
 It's a jungle out there . . . view from my doorway.

Day 11
 I love the weathered look of this planter. This one's staying inside though as I have lost too many of them outside over winter.  One freeze and they are toast.

Day 12
 "Your beautiful, complicated, messy story matters.
 (Tell it.)

Day 13
 Recycling Christmas cards into ornaments for next year.

Day 14
Things that make you go "hmm".


  1. love each and every one, how intricately you have captured amazing beauty ~ the cup and the flower! O my!

  2. Hmm - you're right! Great photos Andrea, you have an amazing way to looking at the little things and making them interesting.

  3. When I saw the flower on Facebook, I wondered what it was. Now I know. It's amazing! Love the "tell it" plaque.


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