January 31, 2016

Days 22-28

Day 22
 "A time for every purpose under heaven."

Day 23
 French onion soup from scratch, including the broth, topped with cheddar and asiago. Mmm, mmm, good!

Day 24
 Very wide jet trail streaking through the clouds.

Day 25
 Where have all the birdies gone?

Day 26
 Air bubbles accumulating in the jar where I'm rooting some succulent cuttings.

Day 27
Many hours working on year end bookkeeping tasks.
I'd rather be taking pictures.

Day 28
Apple seed macro.  Loving my organic Gala apples these days.


  1. Love the clock and apple - they are my favourites this 'time'.

  2. The apple and bubbles are wonderful!


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