January 23, 2016

Days 15-21

Day 15
 Pretty primrose replaces the Nativity Set in the bell jar.

Day 16
 Whipping up some pumpkin spice cream cheese yumminess for my signature dessert.

Day 17
 Clipping from last years hydrangea masquerades as a  beautiful tree with blossom leaves.

Day 18
 More primrose loveliness.

Day 19
 Vintage Avon cream fragrance jar holds little trinket treasures.

Day 20
 Love my colouring books.

Day 21
Little green mossy stars.


  1. Don't know why, but I'm drawn to the image of the primrose in the mug. Very clean, simple lines, deep green against the rich clay tones. Probably appeals to my masculine side. I also like the crayons...lol.

  2. clean clean, neat organized... love your world
    dust bunnies spending the winter here :)

  3. Oh, Susan, I have my share of dust bunnies. They just hide when I am taking pictures. :)


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