January 4, 2014

Days 316-322

Day 316
 Sitting in my car with a coffee and the Book on a rainy day.

Day 317
 Bare trees at Hawthorne Rotary Park.

Day 318
 Mossy clumps climbing the sides of this knotty fence rail.

Day 319
 Green Timbers Urban Forest Park . . . a jewel in the midst of a busy city.

Day 320
 ♫Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the Newborn King♫
Merry Christmas!

Day 321
 This is how a lady sits as demonstrated by my grandniece Pippa on Boxing Day.

Day 322
One of the gifts I made for my "home-made" Christmas.


  1. I can see the likeness to Shannon in that niece of yours :)
    I love the jewel in the midst of a busy city~
    thanks for sharing this beauty with us dear friend

  2. Glad to see the updates Andrea - The Poised Lady Pippa is my favourite subject photo of course. The bare trees in Hawthorne Park was the photo I spent the most time studying - I really like the soft feel to the image.

  3. Miss Pippa is my favourite. I do like the nature shots too which reminds me that there is beauty even in dull winter days.


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