January 8, 2014

Days 323-329

Day 323
 Sweet little birdie salt and pepper shakers in my Christmas stocking.

Day 324
 One of the trees I crocheted for my daughter.

Day 325
 Sweet boy.

Day 326
 My word for the year 2014 is ASK.

Day 327
 I finally got this hung up on the wall in my bedroom.

Day 328
 Lots of rainy days lately, but I am not complaining.  
I prefer rain over snow.

Day 329
Red berries and greens winter arrangement.

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  1. You have so MANY gifts, Andrea Dawn. Your crocheted pieces are magnificent, from the snowflakes to the angel to the Christmas tree. I marvel at them all. The picture of the 'sweet boy' looks like a paint by number oil painting. It's beautiful in its simplicity. I love how you treasure each simple item and how you simply see nature and present it in all its glory to us who view your photos. It was good being here today.


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