December 26, 2013

Day 309-315

Day 309
 I made 20 snowflakes this Christmas with only a couple of them the same pattern.  

Day 310
 Pitt River, BC

Day 311
 Waving Santa high above the traffic.

Day 312
 Reminds me of the lamp post in Narnia.

Day 313
 ♫ Glory streams from heaven above . . . ♫

Day 314
 My great nephew Leighton is a huge 'minion' fan.  
His favourite only has one eye.  He insisted I take a picture of his eye, but just one.

Day 315
Had a significant snowfall overnight and into the early afternoon.  
And then the rain came . . .


  1. We are getting rain as well +3

  2. Rain here too~ you are almost at the year's end!

  3. Your snowflakes are beautiful as are your photos. Bless you Andrea!


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