April 23, 2013

Days 64-70

Day 64
 Yes I really do try those things I pin on Pinterest.  
Growing celery from kitchen scraps.

Day 65
 Pansies always make me smile.

Day 66
 Butterfly on hyacinth  . . . these guys are hard to capture.

Day 67
 I have so enjoyed the gerbera daisies I picked up after my hospital stay.

Day 68
 Another Pinterest item . . . Skinny Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie.  
No flour, no butter, no oil. Very yummy!

Day 69
 Magnolia buds unfolding their splendor in Bear Creek Park.

Day 70
Love the colours in this new thrifted treasure.


  1. Thank your for taking me to Bear Creek park... our favourite getaway everytime we ould visit my Brother and family... Always fun and so much beauty!
    love your joyous flowers from after surgery and your dish!
    Doing my celery like this right now!
    Sleep tight dear friend

  2. The beauty I needed to see this morning... Thank you Andrea. :)


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