April 15, 2013

Days 57-63

Day 57
 Bergenia aka "Pigsqueak" for the sound the leaves make when they rub together.

Day 58
Waiting patiently.

Day 59
 Playing with textures and processing.

Day 60
 One of 1st granddaughters contributions to the calendar I received for Christmas.

 Day 61
Magnolia beauty and sunny blue skies . . . Fleetwood Park, Surrey, BC.

Day 62
 Enjoying some little nibbles!

Day 63
 Spied while waiting for a very long train in Langley.


  1. I see Spring is indeed there! #62 is my favourite! A perfect nibble moment caught!
    Blessings dear friend... peace and healing to you. The beauty must certainly help!

  2. Day 62 - what a clear shot! Day 63 the green and red promise of summer days ahead.


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