April 9, 2013

Days 50-56

Day 50
 Pink prettiness!

Day 51
I just about missed seeing this little friend . . . so well hidden.

Day 52
 My little miss looks so sad . . . did she know I would spend the next 5 days in the hospital?
She sure missed me according to my daughter.

Day 53
 Since I was confined to the hospital for part of this week, these next three shots were obviously not taken these days but are from this week.  I got a new camera and this shot is from my first session at Surrey Lake Park with the new gear.

Day 54
The zoom on my new camera is so much stronger which totally tickles me.  Was able to capture this little sparrow from quite a distance without scaring him off. 

Day 55
 Hyacinth heaven!

Day 56
 I know, I know . . . I've shared this hellebore before, but it is just so gorgeous. So grateful to be home from the hospital with a good report.  


  1. Beauty that takes the breath away ... and then gives it back!

  2. How beautiful these are.
    i especially love the second one.
    the light is just gorgeous!


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