August 14, 2014

Days 155-161

Day 155
 Garden bell.

Day 156
 Heat wave.

Day 157
 Love my flowers.

Day 158
 Chrysanthemum unfolding.

Day 159
 Echinacea . . . like pretty pink tutus.

Day 160
 Lemon and white chocolate dessert at a family get-together.  My sisters and I met 3 of our cousins for the first time. 'Twas delightful!

Day 161
Refreshing showers for all the growing things.


  1. I love the dark background you have selected for this blog. Your pictures are so alive with color. The contrast makes them pop off the page. It is so obvious that you notice and appreciate every little detail. I am smiling.

  2. Andrea the dark background really make your photos pop - great choice. My favourite photo has to be the water droplets on the flowers - the last image. Keep on blogging!


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