August 7, 2014

Days 148-154

Day 148
 Lily love.

Day 149
 New Guinea impatiens snuggling up to the bird house cathedral.

Day 150
 Happy face daisy.

Day 151
 Virginia Creeper tendrils.

Day 152
 Butterfly bush attracts ants too, apparently.

Day 153
 Hardy hibiscus shading ceramic bird feeder.
Love blue and green together.

Day 154
Love my summer salads.


  1. Love the colours of your summer salad. Looks like it taste good too.

  2. thank you for your capturings of beauty! Are these all at home or from your trip East ? Love the blue and green shot <3

    1. These are all from home, Susan, I am behind in posting again. I had a few catch-up posts ready to go but forgot to publish them while I was away. Better things to do and kiddies to snuggle.

  3. I love the Virginia Creeper tendrils. So often we look at the leaves and showy bits when the structure and supports have their own sparse beauty.


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