November 30, 2013

Days 281-287

Day 281
 These lovely orange leaves are but a memory now . . . a week later the tree is bare.  
A late November wind will do that.

Day 282
 A little treasure from the Christmas Craft Sale.

Day 283
Garden angel watching over a last fair rose.

Day 284 
 Kind of an odd way to capture fall colour  . . . in black and white.
I do rather like it though.

Day 285
 I have been using this just about every day for this last week.

Day 286
 Some photo play with the pumpkin shots from a few weeks back.

Day 287
Methinks the blooming will be done before Christmas arrives.  
More buds showing up on the backside though . . . ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I like the black and white autumn "color" shot. It looked like snow at first glance and I thought, "Really? How lucky!" Maybe Monday, I hear.

  2. hot and cold ~ beauty in colour or black and white~ I am so glad God gives us so many ways to enjoy all He has done for us~ you do it justice my friend~ the pumpkin, and black and white autumn, are simply splendid!


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