February 13, 2016

Days 36-42

Day 36
 Crow on a fence post with a little "Primitive Art" treatment.

Day 37
 Gracie, my little lady love, watching and waiting for my return.

Day 38
Sunday sunset.

Day 39 
 Family day get-together. Birthday cakes for the February birthdays, grandmas, grandpas, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunties, puzzles, legos, and lots of yummy food.

Day 40
 A very special birthday gift, this fine bone China cup and saucer belonged to my Great Grandma Haakinson. A treasure for sure.

Day 41
This lovely cluster of beauty graced a birthday present from a friend.

Day 42
Finishing off "birthday week" with a fragrant lemon cypress.


  1. Happy Birthday dear friend... love your raven photo and what you did to it! A masterpiece
    Is that a photo of Shannon long ago....lovely
    And your cat~ always a beauty in the photos

  2. Susan, that is my niece's daughter, but she sure looks like my girl, doesn't she.

  3. Beautiful photos, and another Happy Birthday to you. The party sounds like a fun time!


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